Prices For General Liability


Sample Annual Policy Premiums for 1-man firms for classes below w/ 4-Pay Plan

Liability Limits 100/200 300/600 500/1,000 1,000 / 2,000
Total Annual Minimum Premium $431 $482 $557 $633
Down Payment $131 $145 $163 $183
Plus 3 Payments of $103 $116 $134 $153

(premiums may be slightly higher for risks located in Dade, Broward, & Monroe)


91111 Air Conditioning Systems Installation, Service or Repair
96410 Insulation Installation - Mineral
97220 Air Cooled Engine Service or Repair
96611 Interior Decorators
91150 Appliance & Accessories Installation - Commercial
96816 Janitorial Services
91155 Appliance & Accessories Installation - Household
97047 Landscape Gardening
91340 Carpentry Construction - Residential
97050 Lawn Care Services
91341 Carpentry - Interior (incl. wood flooring)
97111 Logging and Lumbering (does not incl. residential tree trimming)
91343 Carpentry - shop only
97447 Masonry
91405 Carpet, Rug, Furniture, or Upholstery Cleaning - on customer premises
98111 Office Machines Installation and Service
91436 Ceiling or Wall Installation - Metal
98305 Painting - Interior
91560 Concrete Construction
98344 Paperhanging
91629 Debris Removal / Construction Site Clean - Up
98449 Plastering or Stucco
91746 Door, Window Installation
98482 Plumbing - commercial
92215 Driveway, Parking Area, Sidewalk Paving or Repaving
98805 Septic Tank Systems - Cleaning only
92338 Drywall or Wallboard Installation
98967 Siding Installation (for wood siding use carpentry class)
92478 Electrical Work - within buildings
99003 Sign Painting / Lettering - Interior
94569 Floor Covering Installation - carpet not ceramic tile or stone (for ceramic tile stone etc. see Code 99746)
99004 Sign Painting / Lettering - Exterior
95124 Furniture / Fixtures Installation
99080 Solar Energy Contractors
95233 Garbage, Ash or Refuse Collecting
99650 TV or Radio Receiving Set Installation or Repair
95410 Grading of Land
99709 Tents or Canvas Goods - Erection, Removal, or Repair
95625 Handyperson - no commercial work, roofing, or subcontracting
99746 Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work - Interior
95647 Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Service or Repair
99827 Upholstery
96053 House Furnishing Installation
99975 Window Cleaning
96408 Insulation Installation - Plastic


91315 Cable or Subscription TV - No Fiber Optics
91344 Remodeling - includes carpentry, electrical work, painting, drywall work and plumbing
91342 Carpentry
98304 Painting - Exterior - 3 stories or less
99952 Cleaning Outside Surfaces of buildings by Water or Steam (includes pressure washing)
98993 Sign Erection, Installation and Repair
94276 Fence Erection (excl. security fencing around pools)
99505 Swimming Pool Servicing
98483 Plumbing - residential
99955 Waterproofing (does not incl. pressure washing)


91581 CONTRACTORS - SUBCONTRACTED WORK - In connection with construction, erection or repair - NOT buildings.
91584 CONTRACTORS - SUBCONTRACTED WORK - In connection with construction, erection or repair - Buildings - Industrial use.
91583 CONTRACTORS - SUBCONTRACTED WORK - In connection with construction, erection or repair - 1 or 2 family dwellings.

91585 CONTRACTORS - SUBCONTRACTED WORK - In connection with construction, erection or repair of buildings.

Deductible Options (PD Only - first dollar coverage for BI) $250/$500/$1,000/$2,000 Per Claim

Limit Options $100/100 or 100/200 / $300/300 or 300/600 / $500/500 or 500/1,000 / $1,000/1,000 or 1,000/2,000

Program Highlights

One Man Firms Eligible 55 eligible Classes (can have up to 15 on one quote)
New ventures with one years experience in field Additional Insureds $50 each - No Blankets (Available online and midterm)
Owner/1 Man firm rated on $16,700 Annual Payroll Waivers of Subrogation 10% of annual premium - $50 MP
(Available online and midterm)
4 Pay Plan with $5/Month Fee (DP/60/120/180)
10 Pay EFT Plan with $3/Month Fee for premiums $1,000+
CGL Occurrence Form including Products/Completed Operations
No extra TRIA Form (automatically included at No Charge)

Ineligible Risks:

No General Contractors
No Leasing or Renting Equipment to Others
Exterior Work over 3 stories Max or 50' in height
Subcontractors 40% Max
Marine or marine related work
Roofers or roof related work
No sale, installation, service or repair of alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, boilers, elevators, or escalators, repair of wood, coal or waste oil burning stoves
Demolition or blasting operations
Asbestos insulation or asbestos containing material
Installation of insulation materials other than fiberglass or rock wool
Sale of chemicals, or the application of chemicals, such as herbicides or pesticides, to property
Work performed for petroleum or chemical facilities
Fiber optic cable work or installation
Mobile home or related work
Excavation or tunneling
Contractors involved in any exterior work over three (3) stories or fifty (50) feet in height
Prefab steel construction
Recreational playground construction
Real estate developers
Applicants who have been bankrupt or have poor financial history (can be referral if for good reason)
Applicants with more than three (3) losses of any type in the past five (5) years
Prior felony convictions by any officer, owner, or partner

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