Business Insurance

As a business and property owner in Florida, you know the importance of protecting your investment with the right coverage.  At the Kite Insurance Agency we specialize in Florida Business Insurance including general liability, workers comp, and commercial coverage.

With the economic recovery gaining traction, we understand that many more local businesses need insurance in case of disaster.  Located in Pensacola, we know the local area and are committed to finding you the best level of coverage for your Florida business.  We want to help you avoid problems some businesses face due to having too much or too little coverage.

Our Commercial Business Insurance Policy can cover many types of properties including commercial offices or warehouses, private residences, business- owned residences, vacation homes, or investment properties.  The levels of coverage are also dependent upon the value of the property and the items it contains.  We will work with you to make sure that you get the correct level of coverage to save you money while protecting your investments.

We highly suggest a General Liability level of coverage to protect you and your finances from any unforeseen bumps in the road.  General liability is a type of insurance that will protect your business from financial responsibility for legal action experienced on the premises of your business.  We know there are a lot of people out there looking to make money and we want to make sure you are protected from any litigious individuals.  

Another very important type of business insurance is Worker’s Compensation.  If your business has 4 or more employees, including yourself or if you are in the construction industry, 1 employee,  it is a requirement in most states to provide workers comp.

Workers comp is coverage that protects employees in the event of a debilitating injury or disease acquired on the job.  Types of events that most workers comp policies include are lost wages due to the inability to work, medical expenses, permanent disability, rehabilitation, and death benefits.

Although we are located in Pensacola, we specialize in Business Insurance in Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze and the entire Florida Panhandle.  

Contact the Kite Insurance Agency, LLC at (850) 438–0008 or click here for a quick and easy business insurance quote!


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