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The state of Florida is notorious for rough weather conditions and it is important to safeguard your home which is one of the most valuable assets for many people.  At the Kite Insurance Agency, we can help you find the right Homeowners Insurance Policy to protect you and your family from a potential disaster.
The Florida panhandle can experience anything from hurricanes, to floods, to tornados and for these reasons, having homeowners insurance is a must.  A Florida Homeowners insurance policy is designed to protect the structure of a home and can include many different levels of coverage depending on the needs of the policy holder.
A Homeowners policy in Florida is sometimes referred to as a multi-line policy because there are several aspects of ownership which are included.
One aspect that is covered in a Florida Homeowners Policy is dwelling coverage which includes damage or destruction of the structure of a building or any unattached structures outlined in the policy.  These can include things such as fences, unattached garages, or covered patios.
Another aspect of a Homeowners Policy includes personal property.  This includes any personal items inside the home including clothes, furniture, electronics or anything else outlined in the policy level.  This coverage applies if these items are stolen, damaged or destroyed.
Liability is also part of a Florida Homeowners Policy.  Liability is coverage for any financial loss caused by being found legally responsible for another’s injury or property loss.  This is very important in the event that friends or family become involved in a disaster at your property.
In the event of a medical disaster at your property, your homeowners insurance will also cover medical payments for injuries sustained on the premises up to a level outlined in the policy. 
The final aspect of a Homeowners Policy is loss of use.  This will pay for any additional living expenses if your home is unsuitable to live in for a given period of time following a disaster.  Most standard Florida policies pay 10% to 20% of the amount of your coverage.
An important area that is not covered under a Homeowners Policy is flood insurance.  Most people don’t know this until it is too late.  We suggest acquiring flood insurance on top of a Homeowners Policy.
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